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Hey, I’m Saccade and I just wanted to say thanks for stopping by.
I know that only a very small percentage of the people who visit my site actually stick around for the conversation, so I really appreciate you choosing to participate. It means a lot to both me as well as to the other people who use this site. The photos I post are from all around the world. I’ve clocked 6 out 7 continents (Antarctica is still a fleeting dream!) and love sharing my adventures of the world, with the world.

Poppers & Pictures in Melbourne:

Had such a ball in Australia back in 2012 and 2013. I spent a total of 11 months between Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane. Alexandra and I stayed with a host family in Melbourne and the owner actually doubles as an Adult Shop owner lol… Funnily enough we most enjoyed our stay with these people and they showed us a world of good times. My perspective on the Adult scene, particularly in Australia, is now, to say the least, far from what it used to be. On the first weekend we spent time in their Adult Shop in New South Wales which sells gay dvds and (now also penis pumps!) Australia to many areas all around the world. The intricacies of owning an Adult based business in Melbourne and NSW poses problems apparently depending on what state you reside in because there are different rules betwMelbourne bridge at nighteen the states. In addition we spend a bit of time working around the city, taking photos, here are some the snaps we took. After that we spent some time in Brisbane exploring the city and the great sights they have on offer. But on our last month there, we decided to go back to Melbourne for another adventure. Below you will find our second most favourite experience of the entire adventure.

Photos of Horse Riding in Melbourne

Alex from Melbourne called us and told us he could get a great price on horse riding melbourne so we decided since we were flying out of there it would be worth while returning to enjoy a great horse ride on the beach. Wow were we in for a bloody surprise!  Enjoying some of the most beautiful beaches in the world down on the Mornington Peninsula, Melbourne. We had such a ball, it was only about $250AUD for both of us for ride for several action packed and serene hours that we will treasure for the rest of our lives. If you find yourselves in Melbourne any time soon, whether you are on a world trip and stopping over in Australia or whether you are an Australian yourself and are interested in venturing around your own beautiful and bountiful country that we can highly and personally recommend the services at horse riding melbourne for an all round amazing package that you’ll never forget. In order to keep the bias down, we must also mention that we rode horses in similar style in Sydney, Brisbane and Adelaide, but melbourne horse riding stood out as the #1 choice package for me and Alexandra, who are avid horse riding enthusiasts ourselves.

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